About Cutsy

The home of custom vinyl records online


Since 2016 Cutsy has manufactured custom made vinyl records and sleeves for customers around the world

Here at Cutsy, we make records for musicians, DJ’s, poets, wedding invites, marriage proposals, Christmas, birthday, Valentines, podcasts, audio books, soundscapes, even a baby's heartbeat, what we can cut to vinyl is only limited by your imagination.

Looking to attract the attention of artist management, record label or publisher, presenting on vinyl is a stylish way to get your songs into the right hands. Having a record to sell at an event is never a bad thing. 


How we make your records

One-off Records

The one-off custom records are handmade, lathe cut, using a VinylRecorder T560 vinyl cutting lathe. The audio you upload is optimised by our engineers and passed through our signal processing chain, then etched into a blank vinyl disc.

Pressed Vinyl Records

The pressed vinyl records are manufactured at a vinyl pressing facility. This means we can scale production for larger vinyl record orders.


Every handmade record manufactured at Cutsy is cut in real time

Our engineers diligently monitor the sound of your record as it is being cut.

The digital audio is converted into an analogue signal, which is etched into a blank vinyl record, using combination of software and outboard signal processors, your records are all cut in real-time, during the process of making your record our engineers monitor every moment of manufacture.

our process

Why make a record at Cutsy

Cutsy is one of a very few manufacturers of one-of-a-kind vinyl records who also manufacture custom made vinyl record sleeves and centre labels.

Dispatch time for our handmade records, sleeves and centre labels is 7 working days (excluding the day of purchase). Please note: Larger orders may fall outside our 7-day dispatch time, email us at info@cutsy.co.uk if you would like to order multiple copies, we will give you a dispatch date for your specific order.


Now let's create your record

Whatever you would like to hear on a vinyl record, Cutsy can make it. Use our vinyl record builder to upload your audio tracks and create your custom artwork for the sleeve and centre labels.